The Pleiadian Alliance – A Goddess Message

NOTE: Beloved Masters, this is a Goddess Message, read it carefully please.

Beloved children, I’m The Goddess, your Divine Mother, and it’s with my mother’s heart fill of excitement and love that I come to you from this new channel.

I’m here to support you and you are here to support the Goddess re-awakening in this so beautiful planet.

I’m a mother, your Divine Mother, but I’m a Warrior too, into me there are so many different realities and aspects and all come together in my unique presence, The Goddess Presence.

I know you are habit to think to myself only as a mother, but today I’m here to let you see my Warrior aspect, I’m the re-awaken Goddess Warrior and I need my children re-awaken to their Soul’s Mission, I need my children reawaken their inner Warrior because together we have to reawaken the entire Humanity to my Holy Presence, and today I’m here to stay in front you as a warrior of Love, a warrior ready to support all your efforts done in the re-awakening direction.

Be aware that cannot be a Planetary Awakening without re-balancing the long lasting excess of the masculine energies, we need to port The Goddess Presence over the entire world.
This is only an introduction, for now, but all the Beloved children that will accept to re-awaken their Inner Warrior will pass for many deep changes. We have to do what we came to do my Dears.

More details will come at the right time, for now, let me donate you a special gift, The Warrior Chamber a Chamber specifically designed to re-awaken your Inner Warrior, so if you feel the deep desire to become a Goddess Warrior, start to using it daily, I’ll return at the right time to instruct my Warriors, in the meantime remember you have to be patient and persevering, be the true yourself, be a Warrior.

My gift for you: The Warrior Chamber

Everlasting Blessings and Love to all my Beloved children

The Goddess

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Hope you liked the warrior poem, then! This week’s synchronity theme, apparently! (What would Jung say? *laugh*) 🙂

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