The Summer Solstice Activation

My Dears, due to the upcoming Summer Solstice, we have decided to anticipate the next Thursday Activation to the Solstice’s day, exactly at the next Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 04:24 am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). In the remaining time, we recommend to prepare yourself for this big event.  🙂 IMPORTANT: don’t forget to use “The […]

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The Healing Chambers

My Dears, we are very excited to can finally release one of our best and powerful tool, “The Healing Chambers”. There are currently available 3 chambers:     The Healing Chamber (healing at 360 degrees)     The Tachyon Chamber (infuse your bodies with the Tachyon’s Light)     The Meditation Chamber (enter into the deepest meditation status) […]

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The Cintamani Empowerment

My Dears, we are very happy to can finally announce our new tool “The Cintamani Empowerment”. This tool is really able to big improve the impact and Energetic flow of any Cinamani stone. You can use it on any Cintamani stone, yours so as any buried ones. If you can feel the energies, you will […]

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The New Protection Program

My Dears, this program has a double purpose, AUTOMATICALLY Protect you from any Dark force attack, and AUTOMATICALLY Activate you, on weekly basis, to effectively speed up your Spiritual Evolution.   THE PROTECTION… You will be automatically protected from any Energetic, Mental and Electromagnetic attack and, at the same time, your inner Energetic Field will […]

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