The Healing Chambers – Advanced use

My Dears, our heart is filled with deep and sincere joy for the enthusiasm with which you have welcomed and used our Healing Chambers. We see many Dear Souls are continuing using them to heal past wounds and return to their purest status. We are so happy and so grateful, we are so grateful, thank you very much my Dears, thank you for accept and use our gifts, thank you for letting us Love you, again, Again and AGAIN, until we will finally be ONE AGAIN and Forever! 🙂

Now let we give you some useful suggestions.With “The Healing Chamber”, try to “Focus on”:

  • “My Soul” to heal your Soul (at all levels)
  • “My Heart” to heal your Heart (at all levels)
  • “My Mind” to heal your Mind (at all levels)
  • “My Family” to heal your family (at all levels)
  • “My Relationship” to heal your relationship (at all levels)
  • “Specified person” to heal this specified person (do this with sincere unconditional Love or with the specified permission of the receiver)

With “The Tachyon Chamber”, try to “Focus on”:

  • “This Water Bottle” (placing the bottle near you) to infuse the water with the Tachyon’s Light
  • “This (or remote) Crystal” (placing the crystal near you or focus your intent on a specified remote crystal) to infuse the crystal with the Tachyon’s Light

Start doing little infusion (30/60 minutes) and gradually increase the infusion time to let your body acclimate to the increasing Tachyon’s Light!


NOTE: the last Activation was great, we are going in the right direction! 😉


BE positive, BE True, BE YOURSELF.


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